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Recent content by AKnarrowback

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    Skydio2 viewing video problems

    Thanks for the reply. Your answer made me realize I neglected to give one piece of information that is very important, but may also answer my question. I can view the videos using the Skydio app. When I load the videos onto the tablet and use the viewing app that came pre-installed I get the...
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    Skydio2 viewing video problems

    Hi everyone. Bear with me since I am not a computer guy, hopefully the answer is simple. I have the Drone, a Samsung s9 phone and a Samsung Tab A tablet. This is the extent of my "computers" I have available. I do not have a regular computer. I shot one video with the drone and was able to...
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    Wyoming Snowboarding with the Skydio 2, Pushing the max speed of the Skydio 2

    Is that a Doughboy Shredder? It's been a long time since I have kept up on boards, but I stick with a good one when I find it.
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    Hello from Alaska

    Hey there everyone! Hello from Fairbanks Alaska. Being a kid at heart my extended family pitched in and got me a Skydio2 for my 50th birthday. Surprised and excited doesn't begin to describe things. It just arrived a few days ago and I had a window of opportunity, before the sun set and cold...
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    Controller and S8 Active power problem

    I have run in to other scenarios where I had to plug that s8 active into it's charger to get it to reset/turn on. John at Skydio has been very helpful in keeping a good line of communication going with me. It is a known problem with the Samsung S8s, but not all of them. A headache for both...
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    Controller and S8 Active power problem

    Hello everybody. I have a brand new controller and used the supplied usb c to usb c wire to hook it up to my Samsung S8 active running version 9. My problem I'm having is roughly 3 seconds after plugging the phone in to the controller the phone shuts off. I unplug from the controller but the...