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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
Drop by the pilot’s check-in to introduce yourself.
Also, take time to read our Community Guidelines. If you plan to promote items/services for sale, you must become an approved vendor.
Just purchased off E-bay a Skydio 2, new sealed in packaging, in the soft shell case.

I'm now looking for a hard-shelled Camera case and accessories for a fair price. as I plan on expanding my collection/

Look forward to joining in with you'all !

But considering the amount of damage and risk that it wouldn't work, I can't go to $500. At that price most folks can get Skydio to repair/replace their drones which usually runs between $300 to $500.

Keep my contact info if you are willing to come down. I have PayPal when/if you are interested.

Thanks, Brian
I've got a shipping account with all the services so I'll supply you with a PDF shipping label so shipping isn't an issue.
Im looking for 500+ shipping. Weight is about 5lb 9oz.
Should fit in a flat rate USPS box for about $10-15.