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I've found when it comes to vehicles the SD2 responds more smoothly if the speeds are fairly consistent. It does pretty good with quick acceleration but it tends to yoyo a bit. Height floor was turned on for this video.

That's a really well put together video ... great syncing with the perfect choices of audio.

Who were the recording artists and specific sound tracks?
Thanks,. All the music is from the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack.
Some filming from yesterday.
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DId some flying over snow Saturday. The avoidance worked well.
This drone takes some great shots
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Here's some recent flying after the last update. I've noticed more gimbal shake but I have crashed the sd into a tree at speed so that could be contributing, ether way I'm still getting lots of great video.

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Enjoyed the footage.... amazing how much abuse the bikes can handle.

The SD2 maneuvered beautifully between the narrow walls.

How careful do you have to be for flash flooding?
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Thanks, it's so dry out there right now floods would probably be welcome but they aren't an issue where we were at, other areas where you're down in a slot canyon and can't see into the distance can be an issue during the rainy times of the year. I really didn't know how well the SD2 would handle that so I was looking back at it allot but it did well. It's a little unnerving having a $1000 drone flying over water in a rocky slot canyon with thin branches in it's path.
I think most SD2 owners enjoy pushing the limits .... I can't imagine anyone not being unnerved when flying in those conditions... learning to completely trust a machine has got to be a verrrrry long process.

With the huge number of trails you can ride do any of them actually control access and actual warn you if dangerous conditions.
You're pretty much on your own, the flash floods are no joke . Rain is rare out there so it's rarely an issue.
I think the S2 did a commendable job going through those narrow canyons; it would be interesting to compare to a MA2 with no side sensors.
From what Ive seen in the testing, I don't think I'd try that with a MA2.

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