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Recent content by Milebyro

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    Major problem with Skydio 2 and Android SOLVED!!!

    While you're on the topic of Android OS systems. There is another feature to be careful about. That is your "Power Mode". If your phone is set to conserve power and you're running low on battery, it could cause a problem with the Skydio app when the phone starts blocking certain apps to save...
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    New for East Idaho

    Hello to the group and thank you for adding me. I'm a new Skydio 2 owner and pilot. However, I've follow the drone industry for years. I look forward to learning and participating in the group.
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    Hello from Idaho

    Thanks for admitting me to the Skydio Pilots forum. I'm stilling waiting for my S2 which hopefully will be available in Sept/Oct. In the mean time I look forward to reading and learning from each of you.