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Recent content by onlysublime

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    Poor Customer Support, Crash warranty denied

    sorry for your drone crashing. happens to the best of us. If I was Skydio looking at that video, I would be suspicious. something is up with the video. in the background, you clearly see sunlight but it's in shadow where you're at. if it was an exposure issue, the whole screen should've...
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    New to Skydio 2!

    thanks! already browsing to get insights from all the owners! :D
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    Beacon Handlebar Mount

    the ram phone mount is not good for rugged riding. I have it for my mountain bike and it's dropped my phones on multiple occasions. if you're riding on a smooth street, then it's fine. I've since moved on to another mount.
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    Camera frame rates

    there are so many videos on the Internet to describe what to do. here is a good one: the basic gist is if you want slow motion, you have your timeline at a slower framerate than your footage. you don't want to use the rate stretching or speed/duration features because you are decimating...
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    Video Editing Issue - Premiere Elements 2019

    I'll add my 2 cents. h.265 (HEVC) has a lot more headroom for video features and higher bitrates. For example, if you're recording HDR footage, it will require HEVC. You cannot encode HDR footage with h.264 AVC. I had an old version of Adobe Premiere that doesn't do h.265 HEVC. After some...
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    Is Skydio's S2 really a consumer drone?

    It's a stretch to think that not being able to buy multiple Skydio 2 machines means it's not a consumer device and that they're leaving the consumer market. At this time supply is very constrained and if you're trying to buy multiple, you're going to make very mad customers. This is happening...
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    Camera frame rates

    I just got my Skydio 2 recently and haven't even flown it yet. But I'm an accomplished photographer and hobbyist videographer. For your video editing software, you're setting your sequence at 24 fps or 30 fps? To achieve slow motion, you need to set your sequence at a lower frame rate than...
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    New to Skydio 2!

    After a very long process, I'm finally a Skydio 2 owner! My first drone experiences were with the 3DR Solo drones. I picked them up (yes, multiple) when 3DR was basically going out of business. They were wonderful drones. I also had some experience with my brother's DJI Phantom 3 drone...