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Recent content by Hyena1

  1. Hyena1

    Beacon Handlebar Mount

    cool - subbed to see then next one dood - some really nice light in the fall - looks like 40~50kph? I guess having it out front will make it easy to see and save looking around behind you? really curious how well that goes?
  2. Hyena1

    Beacon Handlebar Mount

    thanks for the link - Wow S2 did a good job of avoiding those powerlines! How is it with bike speeds and height - I see you went nice and far out front but did not try front track further away or riding under tree canopy and out the other side at max height. or maybe in another video?
  3. Hyena1

    Skydio Flipped/Fell off case on landing .. yikes!

    nice work UnixMan - Would be great if somebody would print/sell some magnetic logos-pads at the correct size to throw on the car roof/hood/trunk.
  4. Hyena1

    Beacon Handlebar Mount

    ? cool - How do you find the S2+Beacon on your bike? Can you fly/take-off while sitting on the Moto or does it throw a compass-mag-Cal like that other brand? atm (with the other brand) I have to stop my moto, dismount, then walk 12m~15m away do the 360° mag-dance, then hover it there, get...