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Audio capture when using SD app on iphone


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Jun 27, 2020
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Firstly, sorry if this question has already been asked. I have had my SD2 for a month now, and I am still figuring out how to capture/save audio of the drone flight on my iphone 12. I've viewed the tutorial on youtube as my first step. One can supposedly make the change by selecting the "info" option at the bottom of the phone and under setting, turn on "record audio". But unlike on the video tutorial, "record audio" was not available on under setting on my iphone. I sent an email to SD help desk and their response was that it can only be done on android devises. Does anyone have the solution? If so, I would greatly appreciate your help.
You did this in the Skydio App right? (This is not phone setting, rather app setting)
yes. I turned on the drone, open the app and connect to the drone. I then went to the info option at the bottom of the screen then setting where the record audio option was supposed to be, but was not. Do you have use an iphone? if so, do you have this problem, too?
I just got an E Mail from Skydio and they said that option on the app is only on the Android app. I had problems with my I Phone 6 not compatible with the Beacon. when you use the controller and the phone the audio is captured wit the phone, and Skydio said the audio comes from the phone hooked up to the beacon. when you look at the files the audio has its own file. and i had to use an editing program to sync the audio to the video.

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