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Battery falls out of Skydio 2 - 2 times & crash.


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Jul 28, 2021
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I received my Skydio2 drone a few days ago.

1) while hovering the drone about 5 feet off the ground, the battery fell out, and drone went down.

a few days after that:
2) while flying in autonomous mode via a program that a company, develop, that I am flying for and during home/property inspections. Right at the end of the inspection while the drone was flying about a 1 feet from the roof, the battery fell out, for a second misshap.

I know this is my first Skydio2 drone, but I also own several DJI drones, 3dr drones, and a few other drones from other manufacturers. I am also a license pilot, flying drones for several years, almost 10.

I know this battery set on the bottom, but can someone tell me why this would happen. Skydio has asks me to shipped the drone back for a replacement.

but I still would like to know why this happen.
The battery in my S2 is held in very securely, I've never questioned it falling out.

I assume a permanent magnet is used to secure the battery not an electromagnet therefore my guess is the magnets got "demagnetized"at some point; or, were not sintered correctly.

Also we assume the magnet was seated properly?

Just a guess let us know the conclusion.
My batteries seem very secure as well despite being held by magnet. It sounds like there is a problem with the magnet. If you rely on the drone for work, I would consider a strap of some sort once the Skydio is repaired.... it shouldn't be needed but why not play it safe.
there's a number of small round Neodymium Disc magnets attached to the inside the drone opposite of the battery compartment, I suspect they may have left a couple out or that there's some bad magnets in the batch.
Yikes, guesstimatnig but I've probably logged we'll over 100 hours of flight time now. Only time I lost a battery was when it grazed a powerline. Sounds like Ridefreak noted, could be physical issue with your drone magnets. I'd contact Skdyio.

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