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Controller mod


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Mar 16, 2021
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Hey everyone! I was just curious if there are any links around for the antenna mod for the controller outside of the alienware website? Heard their ship times are slow. Thanks for any direction!
Maybe using the "Search forums" tab on this forum might give you a lead....
They are awesome. This thing shipped within 6 days to Europe (!)

Absolutely hassle free, so I can only support ordering directly from them.
Here’s an update. We bought a second Skydio. And a second Alientech “amplifier”.
this time they outdid themselves.
THREE DAZE from China to Germany !

Plus the price went lower. The item was fully traceable. And no I’m not in any way affiliated to them. I just love professional communications. And they kept me informed about every single step in the process.

Attached is the invoice. All that came on top was 20$ customs import taxes from the German side at the handover of the package.

fully recommended


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the alienware hardware is GREAT, but it does not fix the Problem with the Skydio 2 however. the Drones' antenna has POOR sensitivity. the single, internal rear-mounted antenna can't get signal past 800 yrds. (my experience) maybe if additional antennas were fitted and tuned in your craft your mod could "supercharge" range. This is also why the S2 flies backwards during RTH. to give the appearance that there isn't an issue with signal. dont believe me? fly out to a distance of near video signal breakup, now turn the drone around to face home. Guaranteed the video drops out everytime.....hence---> shite antennas, crap range and the need to fly BACKWARDS on RTH. otherwise, it becomes immediately OBVIOUS to everyone that the bird has Design flaws. BUT if you dont figure it out right away, maybe you keep the drone and dont send it back. Maybe you learn to live with it and use the drone for what it's BEST at FOLLOWING/TRACKING with Obstacle Avoidance. it's REALLY a GREAT DRONE !!!!!!
if you want Range buy just about anything else........have seen some 21,000+ ft / 4 mile+ flights. Latest DJI drone has 4 antennas. Not a DJI fan. Just want what i paid for. 2.17 miles as stated by Skydio......LAUGHABLE !
if Skydio stays in the Consumer space, i expect any future releases to be more competent with Range and the software to be much better as it is missing "standards" that the competition include with their Drones. Very good 1st attempt. Buy American.
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