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Controller modification


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Oct 27, 2019
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I added a switch to my controller so that I can power it off with the tablet attached. This way, I don't run down the battery in the remote between flights. I mounted the switch in the space where the USB A port used to be. The port was blocked with a plastic plug which I removed and then I had to remove the USB connector from the circuit board. Under the USB board there was another circuit board which had the microswitch which is actuated by opening and closing the controller. I was able to solder two wires to the terminals of this switch and route them to my new switch. The microswitch does not just interrupt power, so you cannot add a switch between the battery and the main board. The switch is closed when the power is turned off. I assume that when you close the controller, it starts some routine for orderly shutdown. This mod is not for the faint hearted and of course voids the warranty. My Skydio is long out of warranty that was not a concern for me. I can provide more photos and instructions if anyone is interested.


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