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Controlling Skydio 2 with Remote Controller


Jan 23, 2020
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Hello, all,

Just got my Skydio 2 couple of days ago, haven't had a chance to fly it. I heard from Billy Kyle on his video that flying Skydio 2 with RC is not precise and the drone might wonders around after joy stick input has ceased. Is that true from your experiences?
With my experience Billy is absolutely correct. It's not steady like the DJI Mavic Pro or Zoom.
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With my experience Billy is absolutely correct. It's not steady like the DJI Mavic Pro or Zoom.

Thanks for the reply. How much movements would you say? Do you find yourself in need to make additional correction to the drone's movements? Does it at anytime seems out of control once the joy stick input has stop?
No, not out of control, just not as shady as DJI. Just moves around very little.
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DJI uses a downward facing vision positioning system(VPS) to stabilize the drone in X and Y; it works very well at low altitude with light to medium winds. At speed, at higher altitudes or under high wind conditions where the craft is tilted over VPS starts to lose it.

The S2 is using an OA bubble with situational awareness in all directions. They operate with different principals for different purposes. My Mavic 2 and Phantom 4 are rock solid in a hover very impressive but are poor at follow.
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I have had my Skydio 2 with controller and Beacon now since April, 2020. When I use the controller alone or controller and beacon together (to get my Skydio 2 more flight range), I don't have any issues with the controller at all....using beacon or not. In fact, I have set the Skydio 2 in the app (Flight sensitivity) set at100% for roll, pitch and yaw. I want the flight characteristics FAST ....like sport mode in the DJI mavic pro drones.
The Skydio 2 performs flawlessly for me !
Only problem I have with the Skydio 2 is the range. Range is poor, even with the new Skydio 2 update. With lot's of trees around, I can't even get 1 mile range without loosing the WiFi signal.
Too bad Skydio 2 isn't loaded up with the Occusense 1 or 2 software like the Mavic's have.

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