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Couldn’t bring Skydio 2 to the Bahamas due to lack of Geofencing


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Jan 10, 2023
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Maybe I could’ve lied about it, but I didn’t. Tried to fill out the paperwork to bring my Skydio 2 and they asked if had geofencing capability. I googled it and told them no, and they said sorry, but you can’t bring it with you!

Is geofencing in the works, or is it not planned for the Skydio 2?

yeah nothing you can do about that especially if you lie, it could be a crime. there is no geofencing in the skydio and as far as i know, there are no plans. sounds like it too much hassle to fly there with the paperwork and the fees and the insurance, etc.
Geofencing is a trip! It’s on all of my DJI Drones including the Mavic Mini! I tried to use it to take a family photo in Birmingham and my sister lives two miles from the Airport! As soon as I took it up just to take the picture and land, it gave me a warning that it was in restricted Airspace and it was going to land in one minute! And it did and it wouldn’t take off anymore in her area!

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