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Crashed My Skydio 2 during RTH

Very unfortunate accident Mike, appreciate you sharing.

Something apparently went wrong, hopefully Skydio finds and fixes the problem so other Skydio 2 owners don’t encounter the same problem.

Although I’m on batch 2, not familiar with any of it’s settings especially with RTH. The Height it’s suppose to elevate too when RTH is activated, is this adjustable etc. Now I wonder if it doesn’t climb to full preset elevation if Skydio is close by to launch point? If that’s the case, we need to know if pressing RTH within a certain range it won’t return at its RTH elevation preset.

Hope all turns out well for you, Will definitely be watching how Skydio handles this.

I’m seriously thinking of canceling my batch 2 order, And wait for the next Skydio version.

Hope it all works out, thanks for sharing.
When ever I have done a RTH the drone hasn't elevated. I've tested it a few times planning to use it for fade away shots. In this video the shot @ 5:57 was a RTH. You can see it doesn't elevate.

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