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Drone reaction after recent update?


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Jan 17, 2022
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So how did your drone do after the last update? Unfortunately due to weather I was only able to run a short time.. Has the ability always been there for channel selection? I have never noticed it nor know the real reason for it.

First thing I did was try to go beacon only with no phone---and I was impressed with how quickly it would connect unlike 3-4 minutes or never prior...

I don't know if it will have to learn all over again but I could not get lock on my rig. At this time I connected the phone and still battled to get connection. Once I finally got it--it seemed to stay connected but I stayed in an area that was pretty wide open with no obstruction. I was really hoping to try a few spots that I had issues with before the update..

I really want to and this close to pushing the button on getting the 2+ beacon (And one more battery) but still hesitant.. Hoping to hear more positive results after the update...
My S2 is working fine so far after this last upgrade. Went out and flew a bunch of test flights using keyframes and all went well. I do use a controller with an iPhone 13 Pro.

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