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First Fight Impressions and Questions


Jan 23, 2020
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Hi, All!

Just had my first flight with my Skydio 2 this morning, and I have some questions and impressions. The drone handles much better with the remote controller than I thought it would be, based on what I heard. The drone is pretty responsive and the transitions from flying to stopping is very smooth. Although, I will need to do some readjustment on the sensitivities on the flight controls. The take off and landings will take getting used to as I am accustomed to using my joy sticks to take off and landings with my DJI drones. Auto landing is not for me.

I am disappointed that Skydio 2 didn't have 2.7K video as 4K is just too wasteful for my use. I have noticed the color is more saturated than my Mavic Air 2. The auto exposure pretty much on the money, although, I will need to get me some ND filers. I did noticed the resolution of the video is not as clear to my eyes as my MA2, even at 4K vs 2.7K on the MA2. I also noticed slight jello effects when the gimbal is pointing straight down and moving forward. I hope it's not some sorts of defect.

Here are some of my questions:
Is it normal for the drone's gimbal to hang limp while the drone is booting up? I have notice the gimbal doesn't activate until after the drone has taken off. Is that normal?
Is there anyway to calibrate the gimbal as there is slight unevenness.
How do I manually start and stop the video? Is there a way to take one picture at a time? The drone tend to wonders by itself after I switched from video mode to picture mode, has anyone noticed that?

Finally, for those who are using landing pad on grass, the drone will sink into the pad and the under swung front propellers will make contact the pad itself.

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