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First Flight Today


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Dec 6, 2021
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Didn't go well. Couldn't figure out why the video is blown out. Was flying with controller and Beacon. Screen initially showed a V30 error before takeoff.

I could barely see the + sign in the screen to select myself for motion tracking. Tested the controller control inputs. The left stick, when moving forward and back, (up and down for the drone), would fly away from me when going up and fly closer to me when coming down. I'm guessing that's normal when it's motion tracking you.

The left sticks side to side movement did not do anything. It's supposed to be Yaw (drone rotates).

You can see it did, somehow, acquire me and followed my short walk, then when I changed my position, with me facing the sun and the sun at the drones back, and it lost me in a white out, so I landed it.

What's causing this blown out condition? Couldn't find anything it the app settings. Had white balance on Auto and exposure to -.5 Sunny day, no clouds, no wind.

And I just realized I used the wrong phone to connect with it. I initially set up the drone on an iPhone. But I have the app on my everyday Android too. Never occurred to me that I was using the wrong phone. Guess that's a good reason to take it off the Android and keep the iPhone in the case with the drone. Wondered why it went thru so much calibration. The Beacon also did and update.

Thinking about it a little more, I think I had the ISO set for a range instead of Auto. Or maybe that's the Gopro I'm thinking that a "range" can be set on. But maybe it was set too high.

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I did the same thing first time I flew the SD, picture was totally washed out, unusable. Something wasn't set to auto in the camera settings, I forget which one. Not that it should remain in auto but for learning purposes in the early flights I think it's a good idea. I was able to get comfortable with how it flew and what to expect out of the camera's auto settings which aren't bad. Like me, you probably didn't notice that wasn't checked.

Looks like a saltflat.:)

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