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First Real Flight with SkyDio 2


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Dec 4, 2019
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This is my first real flight with the SkyDio 2. This thing is amazing! Video is shot using the cell phone app... no beacon. This first video was in Motion Track - Front. The tracking ability of this thing is on a completely different level than my DJI Mavic. I literally launched it, locked it on to me and just rode without worrying about the drone.

Issues: I had the drone flying from the app on my phone. However, I was also running Strava and Pandora. Apparently, this overwhelmed the phone. When I stopped, the video on my phone was lagging by 20 seconds or so. I couldn't get the drone to stop follow mode. Therefore, I couldn't get it to land. It took a while for the phone to catch up before I could finally get control again. Moral of the story... don't have a bunch of crap running on your phone if you're flying with the app.

Another interesting thing, once I locked it onto myself in Motion Track - Front. Once I did, the drone flew away very fast, stopped and returned. I guess it was trying to determine my direction. Kinda freaked me out, but it recovered nicely.

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