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Fly aways

I flew mine today for an hour (3 batteries) worth in follow mode, worked perfectly, no loss of subject lock. This is a bad ( Mod Removed )drone.
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That's awesome. Just hoping I can join the ranks before too long. Good to know someone is actually flying.
So, confirm please. Fly time is 20 minutes?
No but I really didn't expect it to be 20 min. The flights were chasing a motorcycle around and the speeds were anywhere from 20-33mph almost the entire time. My other drone also takes a significant battery life hit when it's doing the same thing. Each flight was probably 5 or 6 miles. I'm working on some video now that I'll post up. I have a great follow drone with no avoidance that's my only comparison and all I can say is this one is a game changer in that regard.
Let this thread stay true to the original post guys. Start
another if you like on flight times but let’s stay
On Topic.
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TLDR; I have been flying mine quite a bit. All sorts of methods, beacon, controller, phone only, etc. I had one instance where the drone just seemed to fall out of the sky.

Long Version:
I was vehicle tracking my Can Am Defender with the beacon and phone in it with me. I heard a noise on my phone and it said Skydio disconnected. I didn't think much of it so I turned around to come back and get it, but I couldn't hear it at all. My first thought was a fly away. I looked around for a good 10 minutes and found the drone on the ground upside down and the battery about 10ft away from it. It did break one prop but that was the only damage. I reviewed the video and the video just stops in mid air. I cannot see any obstacles that the drone would have hit to cause the crash. When the video cuts out it is in a clear area. My other thought was a bird attacked it, we have red tail hawks around my property, but the video is smooth all the way up to the drop out. I do not see any indication something hit/attacked the SD2. That was my second flight when this happened. I have flown a dozen more times with out a hitch. Except when I ran the battery down and it tried to land on my sisters roof. I have sense then found out you can cancel the auto land and re-position quickly if needed.
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No flyaways here, I‘ve been through over 10 battery charges so far. Most of the time connection and control have been shockingly good & easy. I have lost connectivity of the remote once, causing the drone to fly back to the launch point and hover, which I think is as-designed. I have also had it have some difficulty following me on a recumbent trike, with the Beacon, while riding a trail - a few times it dropped me and picked up someone else as I was riding, and once then stayed with them for a while even as they went off trail and I continued in a straight line and rode away with the Beacon and got fairly far away, well out frame/off camera, which was surprising - it shifted visual tracking to someone else and then stayed with the wrong visual subject for a fair bit longer than expected, not sure if the recumbent trike posed some unanticipated challenge or what, but it’s pretty unique looking, with a large flag, etc., so not sure how any other person or object was mistaken for me and more importantly it failed to register that the Beacon had left the scene for longer than I would have expected, so I’m calling this greatly helpful but not 100%.
I've run about the same amount of flights. No flyaways but I did have the camera lock on to a different subject twice. They were along with me so it wasn't a big deal in that situation. It seems to default to visual with gps as the backup. When I've been alone the tracking has been perfect.
I have also had it lock on to another person a few times. A couple times it was family members in which we do look similar to each other so that was understandable. The other times it locked onto other people with entirely different physical looks and clothes. I had to cancel motion tracking and select the proper person for tracking again. This was also in open areas but with multiple people (family and friends) around. I have actually found it tracks better in dense areas. I had it track my son though our woods on our property and it kept with him no problem. Albeit, no one else was in view for the SD2 to switch tracking at that time. With the software built in even when losing signal, which i have had it do on the back edge of our property, it just flies back to launch point or home if you set it. I am pretty confident we wont see a fly away, but i do see issues with tracking the proper person or crashes popping up here and there. All in all i think this is a fantastic drone for the money.
I've run about the same amount of flights. No flyaways but I did have the camera lock on to a different subject twice. They were along with me so it wasn't a big deal in that situation. It seems to default to visual with gps as the backup. When I've been alone the tracking has been perfect.
Yeah the weird thing for me was that the other person that it locked on to almost immediately changed direction and then it took off after them and stayed with them for what may only have been a minute but felt like too long and allowed the Beacon to get a nontrivial distance away - it dropped me to establish a visual lock on the wrong person (with a shape that bore zero resemblance to me) where you would think it should be checking often against the GPS of the Beacon and therefore have noticed that the Beacon was nowhere near what it had locked onto but rather continuing on the prior trajectory. Hopefully they will update the software to do this or do it more quickly/regularly, I can see someone totally freaking out if someone else’s drone starts following them out of the blue and could also see the drone getting itself in trouble if it stops following a subject and starts following someone else going into a place that could be hazardous (e.g., a bridge with crossing cables...).

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