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Flying at Night with Skydio 2 (For Free)


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May 3, 2021
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I've been testing and playing around with Skydio 2 and we recently were able to take off using lights on the drone itself to illuminate the surroundings.

Here's the video (
understandable as our drones get older and older, we are more abt to do things we would never have done when they were new. unfortunately since i have other drones that will fly at night, my skydio will never fly at night.

i don't think people realize how bright those strobes lights are, especially the firehouse arc v in white.
All you need to do is illuminate the drone sensors by using your flash light beam in a circular motion above Skydio2 and authorization for flight will be activated. Now your drone is hovering and you can fly it anywhere you want. Return to launch point will function and simply point your Flashlight at your Skydio2 case and your drone will land safely on the Skydio2 case. Remember that when you are flying in the dark, the Skydio2 has absolutely no running lights and you cannot attach any type of 3rd party lighting systems without confusing the Skydio2 and an emergency landing will most likely be activated.....

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