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FS: Used Skydio 2 Drone Plus Pro Kit Upgrade


May 1, 2020
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United States
Listed is a used Skydio 2 drone with the pro kit upgrade option and a few extras in like new condition. I have used the controller with other antennas for more range a couple of times but never used the beacon during flights. The overall cosmetic appearance is also excellent with no damages/crashes but shows very slight scratches from handling. This amazing package includes the Skydio 2 drone, 1 Controller, 1 Skydio beacon, 1 Lightening adapter cable (for phone or table connection to controller), 1 USB C adapter cable (for phone or table connection to controller), 1 Tablet mount for controller, 4 Batteries, 3 1/2 Sets of extra propellers, 2 Dual chargers, 1 128gb SanDisk extreme microSD card, 1 SD card laptop adapter, 1 microfiber lens cloth, 1 Set of ND filters, 1 Antenna adapter plate, 1 Skydio 2 Hard shell case from standard bundle, 2 Wall adapters, 2 USB (C to C) charging cords, 4 Various antennas for adapter plate and GPC rugged custom case from Skydio. I'm looking to cut corners to save for a delayed project because i have already spent a great deal of time in the cost of making it.

Price is $2.950.00 plus shipping, pm for more details if interested. Thanks
Hey all - just want to make sure you proceed with caution on this. I'd make sure you meet in person if possible.

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