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Galaxy S22 Ultra does not fit into remote controller (with a case on)


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Apr 4, 2022
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Hi guys, any tips or ideas on how to stretch the controller arm by 1/3 of an inch?

I got the new Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra and tried 3 different cases - the phone does not fit into the arm, unless the case is removed. Pain in the *** and risky to drop and damage the phone.


I have an S22. It fits into the arm, but barely, and I am afraid it will fall out, so heres what I did to make it secure. Thats a strip of drywall corner protector trimmed and gorilla glued on. Maybe you could similarly extend the top of the cradle arm with something U shaped that would hold your phone's edge and the arm extended.


Or, about all I can think of is to use something that does fit, and use a quad lock to connect your phone to it once the homemade piece is in place. You could even use an old phone (by itself or in a case) with the quad lock stuck to the back such that the old phone is upside down in the cradle.

Quadlock case for your S22 Ultra phone:

Wall mount (stick to back of old phone) or something that fits in the cradle.

Or maybe stick a RAM X-grip to the old phone that could then lay flat in the cradle:
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