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Good reviews of S2 tracking by DC Rainmaker & Kyle Warner (cyclist reviewers)


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Nov 13, 2019
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DC Rainmaker is a popular reviewer & channel in the cyclist world.
He’s known for through, in-depth... honest reviews of pretty much any thing that can be used by Cyclist or Running sports.

He’s done a nice review of the S2 in various density of real life active tracking.
Thought it‘s been the best one so-far showing actual usage, not propped looking.

A second video by same a Reviewer
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For a comparison... of DJI’s best offering “Active Track 2”, by the same Reviewer, DC Rainmaker... you can see how S2 has the superior tracking system

A few by another Sports & Cyclist Reviewer... Kyle Warner
More Great display and concerns of the S2 active track.
But clearly better than anything else on the market for tracking.

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I saw them they were first posted (I do a youtube search for "skydio" and order the list by newest first) and they are all great in showing the S2 in use (good and bad).

I wanted to add the second video, "Skydio 2 Massive Footage Compilation Video", includes a link in the "Description" section to a video file straight off of the S2 card that you can download. The video file was recorded at 4K@60 h.265.

Downloadable original file straight off SD card (7.5GB) entire shot take-off to landing: Google Drive - Virus scan warning

You can disregard the not able to virus scan message. I have already downloaded it with any issues.
Interesting reviews above

This one is not so great.......
Billy touched on these areas nicely, while continuing to give high marks.

Actually, I think he’s on target. It’s probably not the golden “all in all“ replacement as hopefully painted by many. It will have it’s limitations & practical usefulness.

I expect to see more pointing out weaknesses or wish list.
That‘s a good thing, it’ll help the developers realize primary focus points.

Some of the areas pointed out were surprising... the lack of telemetry on-screen was an unknown previously and a important omission. The RC unit continues to be a weak component and the tracking operations appear to still need further development. Didn’t quite follow the night flying not functional... is that meaning LED‘s, camera‘s capability, or the optical avoidance not functional at night.

Continues to be a market changer, maybe more narrow focused than first impressions.

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