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Help a fimmaker use Skydio2


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Feb 5, 2021
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I'm a documentary filmmaker and new skydio 2 owner. Please explain to me like I am 5 how: (1) to best get it to follow a subject with a beacon -- it seems to follow too high but I want it at eye level and (2) how to use the skydio 2 as a handheld camera. I can't seem to get it to record without taking off. Thanks so much!
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Welcome to the forum .... there's a lot you can gain by just looking at some of the videos Skydio has made for new pilots.

Here's a link listing the videos its made to date that will help you get started:

Video No. 4 gives a quick look at how to use the Beacon

To my knowledge you can "NOT" use the Skydio 2 (S2) as a hand held camera....
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In playing with mine, I've had best luck turning off the height floor, using the beacon in combo with the phone, wanding it to the position I want, using +/- to bring it in/out, and I find using fixed track usually gives me better results than the default. The problem with the default is that to be in front/to the side/behind you it has to know your direction of travel. Unless you are moving right along that uncertainty can cause unwanted effects in its flight.

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