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Hi from New Mexico.


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Nov 20, 2019
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Hi Guys, I'm looking forward to sharing tips, tricks and experience with the SD2 with you guys.

Unlike many of you I'm not a much of a drone pilot. I got into this when I decided to add drone footage to my motorcycle riding vids (you have to stay ahead of the competition :cool:) My first and only other drone is a Staaker, similar to the SD2 in that it uses a gps wristband for tracking but without any avoidance. I've tested out Active Track and came to the conclusion that GPS to GPS is the only reliable tracking method for anything active beyond walking. At the time the Staaker was one of the only half way portable drone that offered that capability, air dog did but as a company they are flakey. Remember I'm on a dirt bike, I had to carry it on my back, cell phone apps are out and don't even think about trying to use a controller. The staaker is very good at that but it'd fly right into the side of a mountain it it thought that's where it needed to be. Since my YT channel has a lot of video shot from a drone SD asked me to try out the R1 a year or so ago, after the first flight it was apparent the R1 wasn't up to the task of following something like a dirtbike. I gave them feedback and was told they are addressing all those issues on the next model. That got my foot in the door, fast forward a year and they contacted me about trying out the SD2. At the time it was all hush hush and I had to sign a NDA. Unfortunately work was busy at the time so I didn't get much flight time, like anything it takes a few flights to see what works and what doesn't. One thing was apparent, it was exactly what I needed to compliment the Staaker, I say compliment because the Staaker will go 47mph and track the subject very well doing it. So I jumped on the SD2 as soon as I could and it's supposed to be delivered saturday.

I already know the value of a forum for sharing info on something like this, they've saved me lots of headaches with other technologies so here I am.
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Welcome to the forum .
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Thanks guys!
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