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Hi hey! Canadian, eh?


Nov 15, 2021
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Hello folks!

I ordered my Skydio2 last Saturday, and it should be here next Thursday, its already shipped and ive got tracking. I am beyond excited, and very grateful for the quick turnaround of my order!
Im a little antzy about some of the issues ive heard folks having with the new update, but i trust skydio will have it figured out and update their update soon enough, they seem really good with fixing any issues.

I live offgrid deep in the Canadian wilderness, and will be using our drone for a wide range of purposes. From surveying wilderness terrain for creating food forests and severing plots, to short films for children with cgi elements, to virtual tours of our homestead (nestled at the base of a mountain, between two waterfalls), to tracking shots as i do horseback riding, boating or snowmobiling.

I am most concerned with the temperature limit ive read that is has in cold. Is it really only safe to fly in temps above 23F or -5c? Its nearly that cold here already! If thats an issue primarily with flight times due to battery discharge happening differently in the cold, perhaps i could limit myself to 10m flights or less, but if its totally unuseable in colder temps, it wont be much use to me for 5 to 6 months out of the year, which would be a shame. One of my ideas for monetizing my drone is to follow Olympic skiiers at a local ski hill, so using it in -15c and -20c is pretty key.

Ive see loads of promo vids of the skydio2 following snowmobiles, snow bikes, skiiers and snowboarders tho, so surely it must not be useless in the cold. Is it?
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