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Highly reflective surfaces - White against neutral Gray


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Jun 20, 2021
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I spoke with a Skydio rep today. She was pro X2 versus the x2E for the type of work that I'm interested in doing.

This being said my understanding is that the skydio does not do well with reflective services. She shared that there are only a few cases of pilots using the skydio for inspection of wind turbine blades. Which I imagine would be my primary use.

There is very little contrast on these. On the leading edge there is a neutral gray color and adjacent to it white with the background of blue sky.

Does anyone have any experience with using the skydio in circumstances like this? How has it worked out for you?

The manual warns against it but we've seen people take their Skydio up against building with giant glass panes.

I'm not sure if it will freak out, to be honest.
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Good day,

I had the same issue since, I'm also doing skyscarper inspection. It did't happened with an X2E but with a M2E(Enterprise). Following a couloir between two high rise building almost cost my DJI to break on of the building window. On highly reflective surface I noted that the X2E stalled in it's current position. You can only go down, but sometimes down is even more dangerous, like power grid cabling.

Using 3D scan on vertical structures like wind mill, telecom tower or concrete cloc building is no issues at all!


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