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Huge Enterprise WIN for Skydio - BNSF and FAA are ONBOARD !

in a nutshell, THIS is what the FAA now allows for BNSF:

Understanding the Approval

Under the waiver, BNSF may remotely operate Skydio drones in docks beyond line of sight above rural portions of its network for purposes of infrastructure inspection, patrol, and training. Operations will take place below 100 feet of the ground or obstacles, minimizing the risk of crewed aircraft encounters. The waiver is not geographically limited; it applies to areas above BNSF’s private property located more than 3 nautical miles from airports. BNSF will utilize detect and avoid technology when conducting BVLOS operations.

Critically, this waiver permits real-world operations--it is not limited to R&D, unlike certain past waivers for remotely operated drones in docks. The waiver expires on June 30, 2023.

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