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Main differences between Skydio 2 and 2+? (apparently no v3 in the works)


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Dec 10, 2023
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Sacramento, CA
Hello All,

Long time Skydio lurker... and like many was waiting for a Skydio 3. Since that is not going to happen, my choices are a used unit.

Main question: What is the main difference between the 2 and the 2+?

Searching online it seems the 2+ has a few more minutes flight time and more range (with the controller).

Anything else?

Also, when using the controller I'm assuming it is like DJI and Autel (I have both DJI and Autel drones) and you can view what the camera sees with your phone/tablet connected to the controller?

Thanks in advance!
The extra flight time is a result of the battery change to a higher output version alongside the release of the SD2+. That improved flight time is also applicable to the sd2 when that battery is used.

The primary change in the sd2+ is the addition of the antennas which increases it's range as you discovered. I couldn't tell you how much since I don't fly it at long distance, others on here could probably answer that.

As for the viewing, you're correct, you can see what the drone sees from a phone running the SD app or when the phone is connected to the controller.
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I have the Skydio 2+, Enterprise Kit, which I use primarily for bridge inspections. The drone will fly through the bridge webbing with no issues, it does take getting use to allowing the drone to fly "itself" out of sight without trying to control the drone. Meaning the drone knows its surroundings and will work its way through the webbing but it's still tempting to try and move the drone right or left as it's moving forward, like "who is in control the drone or me?" Yes, I am responsible for the flight, but the drone is great as long as I allow it to do what it's made to do.

May upgrade to the Skydio X10 depending on the cost.

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