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Mesa Verde National Park

Vic Moss

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Oct 7, 2022
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Denver, CO
I didn't realize there was a Skydio forum here. I never checked.

So I thought I'd share these images from a shoot for Mesa Verde National Park we did a few months ago. It was for their new visitor center video. That will be released Q1 or Q2 next year. But in the meantime I also shot stills for them. That was not part of the original contract, but I wanted them to see just how versatile drones can be for the NPS.

Technically the NPS owns the copyright on these images (part of my contract with the production company), that's why there is the NPS logo. However, I can share them on social media and use them for my own promotions. I just can't sell them.

Skydio was gracious enough to supply a Skydio X2 and a couple of employees to help me out if I had any questions during the flight. Our hope is that the Department of Interior will use this to relax some of their drone rules in all lands and waters under NPS control. We'll see. It's a slow process.

Anyway, enjoy these one of a kind (legal) drone photos of a National Park in the meantime. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final video.BalconyHouse.jpgBalconyHouse.jpgCliffPalace.jpgDronie1.jpgDronie2.jpgFarViewSites1.jpgFarViewSites2.jpgSunTemple.jpgTowerRuin1.jpgTowerRuin2.jpg
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sounds good; please share the link if you can. thanks!
We're hoping it will be on their website too. For now they said it was only going to be shown at the visitors center. But they hadn't ruled out their webpage too.
sounds good; please share the link if you can. thanks!
Also, it looks like the pics didn't load. They were too large. I'll resize and reload. 🙄
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Welcome to the forum. These pictures are amazing and the park is beautiful!
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When I saw it was from a NPS I'm like, "How did he pull that off?" Nice job & great pics. It's truly an amazing place.
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Beautiful images. We visited back in 2015 - an amazing place. That's one park I can't imagine they will allow drones to fly, but hopefully it's a start towards easing restrictions in many parks.
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