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More bad news for DJI

That's not surprising. The only reason I'm here on this forum is because we have to transition our commercial operations from DJI to another brand of client-approvable aircraft. We figured we'd give Skydio a shot. Most of our clients are of the "critical infrastructure" type and do not allow Chinese aircraft to be used on their projects. It's a bummer...I'm a fan of DJI products.
Once I had a chance to fly a DJI Mini 2 drone of my sister, and I would say it was a good experience. I have Skydio X2 which we have bought with my fiance and we like this buddy, he is a pro of aeroshooting. It was interesting to feel the difference in weight of these drones, so trying something new is a cool way to make sure that you have chosen the best equipment. Anyway, Skydio is famous with non-Chinese aircraft, and this is the reason of its increasing popularity, which is not actually bad.
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