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my newest mountainbike rides in the swiss alps (high alpine)

These videos are awesome.

How did you take such amazing video? Are you using the automatic follow or orbit type of features? I am curious.

Also are Skydio drones better than DJI drones in your opinion?

Hi Sunnyman

Thank you for your compliments - actually the compliments belong to the Skydio2 ;-)

In the video "Gryden" the first part is shot with the function "Orbit" and the 2nd part with the function "Motion Track" from different perspectives.

In the video "Lolenpass" I shot the first part again with "Motion Track" with different perspectives and the serpentines with "Fixed Track".

As these are my first two "full-fledged" videos with the Skydio2, I am still learning how to use it even better. It's easier to film when you're alone, because the rider is always in the picture. WEnn but you ride in a group (at the front), you have to film from my current experience either further away with the Skydio or from the front or rear.

For my needs, the Skydio2 is definitely better than the DJI - this is mainly because I use the drone as a flying action cam and therefore need to fly it "autonomously". This is where the strength of the Skydio is visible - especially when it comes to obstacle detection. In the 2nd video, I had a "Lost Connection" - the Skydio repositioned itself and "waited" for me. ;-)

Greeting from Switzerland
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