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New phone... iPhone 12 pro max... iOS 14.2. New problems


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Nov 5, 2019
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So I got a new phone, and the Skydio app wants to access the microphone as usual. Only problem is it won’t work on this phone. It doesn’t show up as a request under privacy. Leaving me grounded. Any thoughts? Anyone else experiencing any problems? I had no issues on my 8 plus running 14.2.
I switched to the Iphone 12 Pro last month and now the app will not recognize the controller. I also get an error message number V146 I believe. The Controller Tab never shows up on the App despite updating software and making sure all is synced. So is the Skydio 2 not ready for the Iphone 12?
I have done that 3 times now. It does not seem to make any difference. The app does not have a controller tab on my iPhone 12 pro
Im having a problem with the beacon not supported on my I Phone 6s Plus IOS 14.3. on the app there is no option to turn on or off the audio recording. But when i set it up to my daughters Android phone everything works great and the app does have the option to turn the audio recording on or off. Skydio sent me a new beacon with no change. Im guessing its an app issue. i can fly with the beacon but takes a long time to Sync the GPS without the Phone. The controller works fine with the I Phone 6.


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