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Normal Controller Throttle Behavior (Ascend/Descend)


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Apr 19, 2021
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Question for those that fly with the controller or the phone in dual stick mode. I have recently noticed that when I go full left stick up or down, there's quite a bit of overshoot before it stops ascending or descending. In other words, if I go full stick up to say 200 feet and then let go of the stick, it doesn't actually stop until say 250 or so. This is with the stock, default controller settings. I see similar behavior when descending. Do you guys see this as well? It's a little disconcerting coming from DJI and Autel. Stopping during ascending or descending is relatively abrupt with them.

For what it's worth, I made a discovery during testing today. It's not the S2 response to the controller that lags, it's the altimeter. Using the iOS app, it takes the altimeter a while to catch up to the S2. I ran a bunch of tests in my yard today, and I went up to 50 or 100 ft, then watched both the S2 and the screen. The S2 slowed to a stop fairly quickly, while the altimeter continued to climb for quite some time. That's why I always overshoot my target height. The amount of overshoot depended on how long I had been ascending or descending, and how fast. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know what the S2 is using to measure altitude? Is it a barometer like other drones?
You are correct. There is a lag. It really does not matter if you go up, down, left or right. It flies so much more different than any other drone. I am more familiar with the Mavic family of drones. When I put my Mavic in a spot, it says there. I'm sure you have noticed that if you let your Skydio hover it will move all around. It probably has to do with a combo of the A.I. and poor GPS signal.
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Thanks - so your take is that a large telemetry lag is normal for the S2 and mine doesn't sound defective? I actually find it quite stable in manual and hover mode. It seems as solid as my DJI and Autel drones....until it goes autonomous or is actively avoiding, then it gets floaty. Thanks for the reply!

Ok. I have a hunch. If you remember, originally the app didn't have any telemetry - and people requested/demanded it. What would be the quickest way to add some limited telemetry info as an afterthought or if your firmware, hardware or APIs were not originally designed to easily provide it? GPS! We already know the distance is GPS based. What if the speed and altitude readings are simply pulled from the GPS telemetry as well? It would certainly explain the reading lag - much the same as measuring your driving speed from your phone lags the actual speedometer. Thoughts? I'm guessing that given the typical S2 use case, this probably bothers very few people...


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