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Offline Waypoint Define


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May 24, 2023
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Is there any way to design a Skills Waypoint path/mission off-line, that is without the drone and controller turned on?
Well, it looks like Skydio doesn't support offline mission design. Also, they don't support the existence of multiple missions. So, if I alternate missions 1000 times I have to reenter each one each and every time! I have to do this while wasting battery time and I think wasting mission time. So, it looks like that aside from 3D Scans, use of the Skydio products is FAR more inefficient than other, far less expensive drones. One has to wonder why a company whose core competency is software, can't seem to figure out how to read and write mission files.
I personally have not use that function, however, according to the "Enterprise Owners Manual", one can store waypoints and do mission planning offline if you have the enterprise software, the consumer level drones do not have it to my knowledge, I may be wrong.
Yes, the Skydio 2 and the Skydio 2+ can do offline waypoints but as @BlueHeeler stated you would need the Enterprise software which requires contacting Skydio. You will have to make a case as to why you "deserve" it!

I am not sure why Skydio did not add this feature when even DJI knock off drones have them for no additional cost.

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