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Quadraplegic flyer


Jan 22, 2022
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I have recently been asked by someone in the education department to help with a project.
He is working with a young man that is a complete quadriplegic. He has a drone that he has setup and controls with a control mechanism behind his head. The young bloke is big into photography and is able to use editing software with eye tracking controls.
We are looking at how we may be able to get a good quality drone flying that he may be able to control with a similar eye tracking type system.
Many parts to this project and im also meeting with CASA about VLOS and if we can get a permanent EVLOS applied for him for commercial flying.
Im looking at some coding solutions, but also thinking/wondering if we can get a dji drone controlled with eye tracking via ipad. There is ipad tracking software, and perhaps this can overlay something like litchi.
At this stage im still in brain storming mode, and wonder if anyone has seen, heard of, or have any ides that may work with a dji drone.
Thanks for any ideas or suggestions. No idea is a bad idea at this stage and ill appreciate any input

Thanks fellas
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I now have backing from Spectronics, a company that specialises in assistive technologies. They are going to get me a Skyle unit that will allow full eye tracking control of an ipad.
Have had discussion with Bertrand from Sphere drones in Australia to see if they can get me a Skydio 2+ that is currently unavailable in Australia. Hopefully will get some news next week

If this can be made to work, it will be amazing.
can you imaging the freedom this could give to someone that is bound to a chair?
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Not sure you do the Facebook thing? But I watched a quadriplegic guy play "warzone" and he does extremely well. I think he does it with a tube he blows into. I'm sure there's more to it though. The game play is fast a furious and he holds his own. You may want to inquire about it.
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People that overcome disabilities like this are just amazing. They have an inner strength that shines through all.
It is the enterprise kit and the subscription. Not really what i needed for our project but the only way to get this bird into the country

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