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Replacement Props on recently repaired S2s


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Dec 7, 2020
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Got an email from Skydio that they are sending me a new set of props to go with my replacement S2. Apparently, they had a bad batch of 'replacement props'. Heres what they said:
"We recently discovered that the propellers installed on a small number of recently-repaired Skydio 2 drones were from a batch of propellers that may, in rare instances, experience unexpected wear which could pose a potential safety risk. Out of an abundance of caution, Skydio has decided to proactively replace these propellers, and have overnighted new propellers to your home address. If your address has recently changed, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] for assistance receiving new propellers.

We are also refunding the full cost of your recent repair service. Our finance team will issue a check payable to you within 7-10 business days to facilitate that repair refund.

This potential issue only applies to a small number of Skydio 2 drone propellers. Please immediately discard any potentially impacted propellers in your possession, and replace them with the new propellers that are being expedited to you today. We also request that you do not fly your Skydio 2 until you receive your replacement propellers to avoid the potential safety risk."
Thing is, I already had a couple sets of props and now they are all mixed together, so I don't know which are which. I've asked Skydio how to ID the defective ones, but I'm guessing there will be no way or they would have already put out that info and asked for pics of those that are 'defective' in order to just replace those.

I emailed Skydio pointing out the problem they have now caused me and will advise when I hear back.
Well, that was quick! The guy who helped me with the drone repair sent me discount codes for more props at no cost. Can't beat that! (other than I can't fly till I get the new ones but I wasn't planning to).
Got my expedited set today too. The others are still forthcoming.

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