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Self Calibration


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Nov 20, 2019
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I've been flying allot lately and noticed an interesting thing with the Skydio. A month or 2 ago I noticed that occasionally when I'd go to launch with the beacon after the GPS sync was complete the beacon would display "Processing Video" then "waiting". This would delay the drone becoming ready to launch by about 45 seconds to a min. I was noticing this once in awhile, about once every 4 or 5 flights. Today I happened to also have the app open and could see the screen when this happened again. During the time the beacon is saying "Waiting" I'm getting a self calibration progress bar on the app screen. It appears that the drone is set to periodically evaluate a recently recorded video file and perform a self calibration based on that flight. Interestingly this has never popped up on the first flight of the day. I've always suspected there was some type of learning with this drone, for me and some others I've heard from it tends to operate better the more times it flies. I suspect the updates sometimes make it start over or dump the learned data. I'm up to about 14 flights in the last 7 days and quite a few in the weeks before that since the last time I felt like it "started over". Again, it's been getting progressively better the more I fly it.

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im not exactly sure what is happening but i have noticed my s2+ flying much nicer lately. perhaps im getting more used to it or it's becoming more predictable but there are times when the first couple of flights are scary and then there are some flights you come away with "wow, this drone really flies like a champ!"

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