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Skydio 2+ Drone

Skydio 2+ Drone Pro Upgrade with Starter Kit and ND Filters - Like new

$1300 OBO, including shipping, local delivery possible in Florida. Can speak by phone if needed.

Planned to do ortho maps and inspections with the skydio 2+ for part of a business, but under Florida statutes definitions it is classified as surveying. I am purchasing an FPV kit instead.

It is an awesome piece of engineering.

6 sets of spare propellors
Controller for mobile phones
Tablet adapter for controller
remote / beacon
4 batteries (hold charge)
Dual battery charger
ND filters
USB to usb-c
usb-c to usb-c short
usb-c to usb-c long for skydio drone
Sandisk usb3,0 reader
padded hard shell case
Additional padded/slim carrying pack/ Landing pad
remote ID capability. (it enables when launching)

It is simple to start up, download the skydio phone app and login with the password on the bottom of the drone. Skydio will send you an automated email with each new app install ( you will have to put an email to send the app activation).
With the MicroSD card inserted in the drone, you are ready to fly using the remote or phone, or skydio controller with phone or tablet. (adjust launch, return to home settings and flight height settings in app)

Note: Will need to purchase or have your own micro-SD card, it will not launch until you format it and install. It uses it for video and flight recording data.
Good morning...Is this still available? Are you near Palm City, FL? Please let me know. Thank you DK
Good afternoon…just checking if this is still available. Please let me know. Thank you. DK

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