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Skydio 2 On Sale


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Oct 26, 2019
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I'm reliant on my S2, it may be time to pick up a back up.

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Crash it and wait for support to get back to you and backup starts to sound like a really good idea. I wish they would just sell the drone nothing else and I totally would buy a backup.
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Yeah, it took 2 weeks to repair my one and only crash but that was a year ago. Feedback on CS today may make a back worthwhile.
Dilemma: I just bought my Skydio2 at full price minus $75 youtube discount), and have had it for only a week before learning of the $400 discount. Piss-poor luck I guess.

I called tech support, they answered within one minute (try doing that with DJI!!), and they gave me three options:
1. RMA for full refund
2. $300 credit for future purchases
3. $200 direct back to me.

After about a minute of considering, I chose option 3, mostly because of the cost of shipping and turn-around time for the RMA process, not to mention the shortage of inventory they may have in another week or so.

I feel good about:
1. How they immediately put me in touch with a rep (didn't waste hours of my time like my many experiences with DJI), responded with 3 options
2. I could understand the rep without asking to repeat (dang Mandarin accent!!)
3. I can keep my shiny new drone.

I feel bad about:
1. My timing.

The way I see it, a $200 discount is a bonus after my initial purchase, and this technology is well worth it.
I think you did the right thing. Even at full price the S2 is a bargain in my opinion so getting $200 off makes it a great value.

Also supporting an American company, not Chinese, makes me feel better.

Finally it was generous for Skydio to make the offer given most sales are final.
If I wasn't seeing the performance issues with the tracking after this last update I'd buy one of these as a backup.
Ridefreak, I'm confident they will sort out the firmware shortly.
Ridefreak, I'm confident they will sort out the firmware shortly.
I'd love to have your optimism as I want this sorted fast before the snow falls and I'm super fan of Skydio team. But given they jumped from 7->15 they had ton of time to iterate and still got it wrong, not sure I have much confidence.
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I’ve got 3 Backups, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Zoom 2 and a Mavic Mini! They all have a purpose!
I purchased the starter package as a backup, I have everything else l need.

I'm not too worried about the new update a lot of guys don't seem to have problem with it; and some guys that do have problem with it had issues prior to the update.

I've seen update issues with 3dr, DJI.... they eventually get sorted. And given the amount of footage my SD2 returns it's a solid investment IMO.
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