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Skydio 2+ Range? Not VLos.


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Feb 5, 2022
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Has anyone tested the Skydio 2 or 2+ for range around objects or in wooded areas?

I am interested in the 2+ with beacon & controller. I know it is not best suited for manual flying, but that would be most of what I will use it for in the woods and not for tracking.

I see range tests all over, but none that are not VLOS. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I used the 2+ today around our air park. Range was great and so much improved over the 2. I don't have to go far, but there are some buildings/containers etc that I fly behind to approach the landing pad and the 2 would pixelate. This kept full display and no control issues. About 600 feet distant and behind objects counts as good range for me.
Thank you for the feedback. Yes I will always (in a sense) fly LOS, but in my case I know there will be trees, rocks, etc., blocking the view.
I think of a YT video that I have seen recently (Under the canopy) that would be similar to what I would want to do. Too bad I do not have a feel for the range the film maker was operating at.
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One way to find out! : ) Sometimes you just have to dive in. To be fair, I bought the Skydio 2 without doing a lot of deep research. It had some pleasant surprises, and some annoyances, but overall represents a good drone value for fun factor.

My next mission to is try it out with Drone Deploy and learn if this drone can be put to work on anything. It is a nice setup, and want to give it a shot.

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