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Skydio Care support very disappointing


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Feb 22, 2023
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Skydio care Claim Denied

I bought a Skydio 2+ for use in Australia. I told Skydio I was in Australia and took out the Skydio care package.
My Skydio 2 was following me and hit a tree and damaged the Gimble.
I sent it in for repair and they told me that I am not covered for flight outside of USA.
Had no problem selling me the Care after I told them I live in Australia but dont want to honour the claim.
They said the best they can do is drop the Evaluation fee. So they still want another $400 for the repair to the Gimble, so that would have been a total of $550 for a gimble repair.
Looks like they are not content with the sale of the drone and the sale of the Care but also want the sale of the repairs for a drone that crashed by itself that had a care package.
I have given Skydio every opportunity to make this right but to no avail. All I can do is warn people about after their sales service to allow others the ability to choose if they want to do business with a company with this attitude.
I understand they should not have sold me the care outside of USA but this was their mistake not mine.
Interested in everyones opinion, and thoughts on what I should do.
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Well the care agreement does say:

"COVERAGE AREAS The Services are only available to customers that purchase and operate the Covered Drone exclusively in the United States and Canada."

I would request a refund or credit towards repair on the Care support if they sold it to you knowing you were outside the covered area.

In my experience they apply the $150 inspection fee towards the repair anyway so the Care refund should be separate.
"Had no problem selling me the Care after I told them I live in Australia..."

i think this is important to know who told you this?

but i agree they should refund the care package if you absolutely cannot use it under any circumstance.

next time, you know this already. you generally cannot buy warranties from other countries even if somebody tells you and especially when you get the warranty and it tells you otherwise. unless you spend a lot of time in the usa, you really don't have a use for a usa warranty.
I realize the care was not available in Australia, neither was the drone. When I imported it I went to the effort of asking them if I could purchase the care as I was in Australia. There was 4 emails back and forth before they actually sold me the Care. Then they did not honor it after the crash.
I agree, as a minimum they should refund me my Care, they say the inspection fee is the same as the Care fee so in their eyes they have given me my money back for the care. Easy to do after the claim. Just dont understand what they get out of it !!! It would have cost them next to nothing for the replacement gimble. They made the mistake they should own it.
I'm thinking of going over to SkyDio from DJI because DJI service is so poor and seriously blows...including the DJI community...holy cow I've not seen such a toxic bunch of d-bags than over there.
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