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Skydio's Keyframe Promotion


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Jan 15, 2022
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Skydio posted the new keyframe compilation and shows that folks are getting some fabulous videos with it.
One especially caught my attention: Flying thru the forest and capturing cascading waterfalls. There were several skinny branches etc that the Skydio avoided -- but this seemed like a very risky environment and was surprised that they chose to highlight it. At the end of the promo, they showed add'l footage of the owner watching the keyframe sequence from their controller and commenting how well it navigated backwards while avoiding obstacles.

Is there something unique about how the operator used their skydio in this environment, or did they take some risks and get lucky? What do you think?
honestly my skydio doesnt seem to have a problem with small branches. knock on wood. i try not to fly in those areas but when when i do, it looks like the branches are a problem when they cannot be seen very easily. not the fact that they are small or tiny. more like, if they blend or tend to be "invisible." and, maybe one or two branches. but in the winter with a tree full of leaf-less thin branches, my skydio has no problem. i'm always worried about the one wire across the road, not the big or regular wires but there's always this one thin tiny wire that cannot be seen easily. otherwise, no problems here....good video! reminds me of waypoints on my dji or missions on my autel.

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