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SOLD - Dirty J Items - never used

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Dec 5, 2021
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I ordered several items from Dirty J Designs for my Skydio 2 in early December 2021. Due to severe shipping delays I have just recently had delivery. I have never used the items as I returned my Skydio 2 to the company under their 30 day trial BEFORE these items arrived. There are several posts here about this companies products:

I paid $138.88 CDN - $105.55 US for the items and delivery to Canada. I would prefer selling to a Canadian to avoid the expense and paperwork required to send to the USA.

I am asking half of what I paid $70.00 CDN - The prices of items on the Dirty J website have not changed and a Canadian will pay the same shipping as the company ONLY uses USPS for shipping. I will also cover UP TO $10.00 CDN in shipping as I assume that I can send it anywhere In Canada via Canada post for that. If the purchaser requires a different shipping method or options the total shipping cost might not be covered.

Please PM me if you are interested.


These are the items I ordered:


My transaction record in CDN $::


Item description and pricing on Dirty J website as of today Jan 7, 2022

Handlebar mount for Skydio 2 Beacon


Stick protector for Skydio 2

Hi, I’m in the gulf islands in BC. I’ll take them if still available. Call or text Doug 604-506-4769
Hi, I’m in the gulf islands in BC. I’ll take them if still available. Call or text Doug 604-506-4769
Truly a nice thing for you to do, but I’m happy to pay. It’s a deal as it is. Doug Johnston, 453 Marine Drive, Mayne Island, BC, V0N2J2. Can I ask why you sent Skydio back? Send me a link and I’ll send you cash, it always amazes me how expensive it is to ship in Canada. Regards, Doug. [email protected]

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On Mar 27, 2022, at 12:04 PM, SkydioPilots.com<[email protected]> wrote:

I would suggest that you remove your personal info from this actual thread and post that sort of stuff in the Personal Message (PM) that you started with me. Not breaking any rules but it just reduces the chances of you being a target of any scams.
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