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SOLD - LNIB: Skydio 2 + Pro Upgrade (flown once - mint)

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Jun 24, 2021
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I waited a long time to get this drone but my plans have changed (tore both Achilles tendons ?‍♂️) and can no longer use this awesome drone. I flew it for literally 1 hr, no incidents, it's immaculate / mint / like new. I paid well over $3500 CDN for this package, my loss is your gain.

$2275 USD No trades. Crypto ok. (I will even pick your shipping in US/Canada.)

You can check out the facebook marketplace link here...
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Happy to answer any questions.



Breakthrough intelligence. Impossible video. The drone you've been waiting for. CAMERA 4k60 HDR. AUTONOMOUS SPEED 36 MPH. BATTERY 23 min. SOUND 50% quieter. GIMBAL 3 axis. RANGE (UP TO)
3.5 km

Better eyes. Sees more with six 4k navigation cameras. Utilizing 45 megapixels of visual sensing from six 200 degree color cameras, Skydio 2 can see everything in every direction with unprecedented resolution and clarity. This is the foundation of trustworthy autonomous flight.


An enterprise-grade kit for enterprise professionals. The Pro Kit upgrade adds Skydio Premier Support, a white gloves service offering. You will benefit from front-of-line privileges, so our highly trained, onshore support staff will resolve your issues first. Should anything happen to your drone, your Premier Support status also entitles you to advance replacement, so you'll have your new drone before you even send the old one back, and be able to get right back out on the job.

The Pro Upgrade includes the below:

2 additional batteries
1 Beacon
1 Joystick Controller
1 tablet adapter for Joystick Controller
1 Dual Charger
1 Pro Case
1 SD Card
1 set of PolarPro ND Filters
1 additional set of spare propellers
Skydio Premier Support
Hey everyone, this is not a scam, I really did bugger my Achilles (coaching my kids football). I will also take care of the shipping.
Hey everyone, this is not a scam, I really did bugger my Achilles (coaching my kids football). I will also take care of the shipping.
I've passed your info on to a couple of colleagues to see who bites..... it really does look like a good deal, unfortunately most of us already have a Skydio 2 so we can be a tough sell. I still think you are posting in the right place, I recently registered here just to buy one so have faith.
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Reducing the price on this to $2100 usd.
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