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SOLD - Selling wrecked kit


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Apr 28, 2021
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Ok, so i'm looking to sell my Skydio 2 kit...
a little story: drone did plunge into a canal on its' 2nd day of flying ( you can find the whole story HERE . It's the second time I need to repair a Skydio2 and I'm in Italy, so repairing it again wasn't for me economically feasible, given Skydio's track record with customer support.
I let it dry, opened it, disassembled, cleaned thoroughly but so far to no avail: drone powers up, LEDs slowly pulse for a while , then start blinking alternatively left and right.
No connection to app whatsoever, nor to the Beacon.

I was keeping on the lookout for an used Skydio2 to buy, but so far no luck: every 2nd hand drone I find is more or less the price of a new kit.
So I consider selling my Skydio2 related items.
What i've got:
- Drone: cosmetically perfect. No mechanical damage. It does power up, doesn't pass startup tests. No connection to app nor to Beacon. It does charge batteries.
- Battery #1: working perfectly. A few scuffs on the bottom rubber pad from a hard landing
- Battery #2: the one that did plunge in the canal. Working perfectly ( it's been charged and discharged to test it)
- Battery #3: New - working perfectly

- Beacon: working perfectly
- Dual Charger: New - working perfectly

- Case #1: it's been modified.
- Case #2: like new.

The drone did it's last flight in July. The batteries have been since then stored at 30-40% of charge, tested every month and, every other month, charged to 100% and discharged ( by using the Dual charger as powerbank).

Let me know if someone is interested ( whole kit or part of it), i'm sure we could make a deal.
Hey ! I am interested in a dual charger, one new battery, and spare propellers. Write me the prices for these products.

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