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Table Rock in Dixville Notch


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Jan 15, 2022
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Here's another video shot with a combination of 360 camera and Skydio video: 22 Sept Table Rock Hike

I used the beacon for some shots and the controller for others. Was generally disappointed with the beacon video since the skydio had difficulty orbiting smoothly when I wasn't moving and it occasionally made some quick/dodgy movements which I assume may be related to the challenging lighting conditions (sun was strong and low in the sky and shadows were strong). Had more success flying manually and as-usual the skydio's OA capabilities gave me more confidence when using it.
BTW here is a snippet where the Skydio2 had an erratic moment. I was attempting an orbit with the beacon. At least twice it reduced the orbit distance by itself and/or changed height by itself. It responded to the beacon when commanding it to go to a further distance. But this portion of the video is the strangest: It was performing an orbit and then jerked to the side and backed up. Assuming it was glare from the strong late afternoon sun that momentarily confused it. I usually remember, but forgot to check how many satellites I had locked at take-off so don't know if poor GPS had anything to do with it. skydioglitch
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