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This is how I wanted Skydio to follow

The Red Bull drone operators are top notch, I subscribe and watch the Red Bull channel for the MC racing and Mtn bike riding. They have quite a bit of great FPV video shot by some very talented operators. Just like the video above, amazing stuff.
love the biking. but the drone action... there was a lot of skill there in terms of flying. but they kind of wasted the drone. only a few times did the drone operator try to make the camera movement interesting. most of the time, it looks like footage that you can capture with a GoPro strapped to the helmet of a trailing bicyclist because all they did was a chase cam at bicyclist level.
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I hear ya, I suspect it's kind of hard with the limitations placed by the trees but I don't really know, those skills are way beyond my capability. If you have a chance look at some of their others that take place in a more open area. Most feature some nice drone flying.
Very impressive! Everything about this video is fantastic!
You can get pretty close to this with a Skydio and a 360 cam (add in a follower with an action cam for even better flexibility), combined with multiple runs and edits. It could arguably be more interesting, as this is cool and obviously requires a ton of skill, but is ultimately not that interesting after about 10 seconds.

Editing is just as important as the actual footage.
Skydio would get stuck the minute you go into those thick trees, I doubt it would even try. That and one of the trickest parts is trying to predict where in the landscape Skydio would go. Maybe one day we'll have drone with AI smart enough to track like that but Skydio no.

That first open part you could get a pretty cool shot though. Just may have to do it multiple times to get the angle you want. Usually when I'm filming dirtbiking with Skydio I can somewhat predict where it'll go but if I'm new to the trail and it's a alpine one, I usually only have one shot at it, as I don't want to go back.

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