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Tracking/hovering suffering greatly after 15.10.5 update


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Oct 27, 2020
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I was chatting in the other 15.10.5 update thread, but figured it might make more sense to discuss it here. After the upgrade, I am having a hard time getting a pleasant output from the drone when attempting any of the tracking modes. Even hovering, the drone cannot stay still. Variations of 10-15ft as it floats up and down, and all around. It reminds me of when DJI drones would lose GPS. My S2 would over better without GPS than my Mavic ever could. Now it's as though it's trying to hover with only the 4k camera as a sensor. All the magic seems to be gone, when it comes that aspect.

Also, has anyone figured out all the controls for the tracking? I'd swear before when I adjusted the sticks or touched the screen, I would get UI feedback on the height of the drone, and the distance, along with rotation if relevant. That's all gone now, and I'm left constantly trying to figure out if the drone is accepting my input in one of these tracking modes.

Here's the video I shared in the other thread. I'm seeing this behavior, regardless of lighting conditions. Over land and water. You can see the gimbal is erratic, and the drone cannot smoothly follow the subjects. The S2 is all over the place.

I've submitted a request to support to see what's up, because it feels like my sensors have become defective since the update. I am not sure I trust the AI to not crash at this point.
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Don't feel alone. After one or two flights following the update, mine won't even launch - app does "Chedk For Updates" loops and screen goes blank when you try to get out of it.
Support is reviewing my flight logs. I'll let you guys know.

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