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V17 error after a crash


Apr 4, 2023
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I'm new to Skydio.
Just got one, a month ago.
All was working fine until Sunday.
I fly and took pictures.
The drone reported I should return home because of battery getting low.
I fly home manually but lost connection.
then the drone wanted to return home but thought the battery is too less and forced a landing.
As this was over trees and the drone just turned off and fall.

I was standing under the drone and could not do anything. Usually, there is a cancel button for landing or return to home but this time there was no option to cancel.
So I could just watch the drone falling.

Later I looked at the battery and it says 29% left. The home point was kind of near, just 20m away. the drone was just high. but this could not be an issue...
Don't understand why the drone thought it is too far away with still 29% left.

The main problem is, that now the drone always reports error V17. camera issue.

Did anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Thank you very much.
it is a bit strange.
so I got the v17 error on the beacon and on all phones.
I can't mount media.
But when the beacon is calibrating, the phone is going to media and then coming back to the main screen.
the beacon shows ready to fly.
also, the phone then shows ready to fly.
I can also start flying, but the camera view just shows grey.
I can also instruct the drone to make a panoramic shot and you can see how the drone is moving and also how the gimble rotates.
But nothing is stored on the sd card.

then once I was able to mount the sd card, could see all the photos on it, but when going back to the main screen and then the media again, the media stays in syncing /mount media. and nothing happens.
has anyone had an idea what the issue is here?
is it that media can't be properly mounted, that blocks the camera, or are there two issues, one with mounting and another with the camera?
Any idea how to "debug" it?

thank you
I would format the media in the drone, then when you need to get the video stick the SD card in the computer, do not erase the video from the card or format it with the computer. I would suggest only reading the files (copying) them from the SD card with the computer. I had one SD card that gave me mounting issues. Once I made sure it got formatted in the drone I never had any further mounting issues so now I do it the same way every time. In addition to my suggestion I'd try out another SD card.
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I don't know if that will solve it, I'm just sharing what worked for me with SD card mounting issues. Good Luck.

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