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Wow, nerves of steel tracking over water video!


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Dec 27, 2019
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What a great footage! :)

Here is comments from he use and Skydio as well that explains a lot

Victor Ching

Victor Ching

6 hours ago
The first couple of times over the water were pants-filling. Especially when the beacon went underwater (in ziploc bags) on my first flight over open ocean and I thought I had a flyaway. I’m still not sure how the algorithms handle water but it’s stayed dry so far. I think the documentation says something about 30ft wide bodies of water? One tip for ocean flights is not to hand launch while standing in the shore break...I think it tried to match the motion of the incoming water and it acted like it wanted to came right at me on hand launch. Not 100% sure on this but might be a useful anecdote for someone. I guess just stand such that if it follows the wave in then it won’t find anything. I know it has the obstacle avoidance and all but maybe on launch it’s still trying to get its bearings.

6 hours ago
Hey Victor, I'm guessing the issue you had with the beacon was because Skydio 2 uses motion of the beacon to distinguish who is holding it. Had he continued to move away from you, Skydio 2 would have realized it was not locked onto the correct subject because you weren't moving, but the Beacon was. You can see a perfect example of this at 2:36 after it lost visual track of him in the water. As soon as he got up and started moving again, Skydio 2 was able to easily distinguish where the beacon was, and who was holding it. It was most likely tracking you because you either A. hand launched, or B. You were the first person it saw.The easiest way to lock onto the correct subject is to either have them hand launch the drone, or specifically select them using the phone app. You can also use beacon steering to fly Skydio 2 until it is looking at the correct subject and press the Skydio button, once your subject starts moving Skydio 2 will easily lock on because the correct subject is already in frame. The 4th option is to just let them keep moving until Skydio 2 is able to locate the moving beacon via GPS. The first couple seconds will be Skydio 2 searching for the subject and they may not be in frame but it should lock easier as the subject continues moving, also the better your GPS signal strength, the faster Skydio 2 will be able to locate the Beacon.
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What a great way to spend part of your time at the beach !!! .... ads for the board emphasize its electrical design is 100% waterproof ... not something you see stated anymore for any kind of product.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it can eventually come down in price.
What great footage!!! That bit where he wiped out and the drone looked like it was going to emulate a Stuka and dive into the drink!! Thought it was a gonner....but it recovered well enough.

Videos like show exactly what the Skydio is capable of! As far as I know there is no other drone for solo creators that can track and shift viewpoints like that! Absolutely brilliant.

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